Terms and Conditions


All orders are processed within 4-6 workdays. In case you haven’t gotten your order within 10 days after getting y our shipping confirmation email, then please contact our customer service by sending an e-mail to or by calling us at 4369 1669.

Consumer Rights Law

Købeloven gives you a two-year right of complaint, and it is not possible to agree on a shorter period or that the warranty does not apply to all parts of the product. Your right to complain may cease before the warranty period has expired, if the goods are not intended to last for two years or by natural use is worn out before the deadline.

Return policy

14 day return disclosed with Order ID by email to "kundeservice", then there is 14-day deadline for returning goods. The buyer may return a purchase at Coopra.dk even though the product is used. A product is only used if it is used in addition to what is possible to test the product in a physical store. Shipping costs for the return of small articles responsibility of the customer. Returns sent in white or brown envelopes with bubble wrap.


Shipping only in Denmark on bridge fixed islands.

All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK), and 25% VAT included. All orders are sent as letters / packages / pallets by mail or courier.

Shipping Prices:

  • Handling fee of 60,- DKK.
  • Letters and packages up to 10 kg kr. 100,-
  • ½ pallets kr. 465,-

IMPORTANT: Upon receipt of goods, it is for the recipient to check the packaging for shipping damage before the goods are unpacked. When shipping damage the product must be at receiver until the shipping company has dealt with the case. Subsequently, the unopened product will be returned to sender.

Payment Options

We offer the following payment options: Bank Transfer with NemID.
Return / replacement of goods.
If the item is damaged or you receive a wrong item, please contact us immediately by phone or on our e-mail.


With the products you will receive a sales receipt for your purchase. This notice must save when it proves the date of purchase of the product from Coopra.dk (Gazelco IVS).

Reservations / Disclaimers

We make reservation for printing / typing errors and obsolete items and items on backorder. Goods that are backordered not appear in the product description in the webshop. Coopra.dk can not be held responsible for delays or costs involved.