Deals on for installation of Gas Boilers

You have the option to choose between 3 STANDARD installations of Coopra boiler.

  • STANDARD installation no. 1: Coopra 37K gas boiler with built in DHW.
  • STANDARD installation no. 2: Coopra 15C or 37C boiler only for central heating.
  • STANDARD installation no. 3: Coopra 15B or 37B gas boiler with 50 liter DHW.

It is important that the installation is performed on the wall of an existing laundry room or boiler room.

  • 1 meter to the main gas tap, water supply and sewerage for condensate drain.
  • 1 meter horizontal balanced flue system.

The work includes the following:

  • Option for dismantling of old gas boiler and removal thereof.
  • Setting up of the Coopra gas boiler / 50 liter hot water tank.
  • Pipe connections within 1 m distance.
  • Hydronic Balancing and startup, as well as Danish User Manual.

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